Knowledge is Power

Research Areas


Dive into the mindset of your customers to reveal the needs, biases and decision making processes in which your brand can tap into to boost sales.


Improve the usability (UX) and persuasiveness of online, augmented, and physical touch-points with your brand, together with our experts in human factors, ergonomics and the latest user research technologies.

we02-000-icon-client-touchpointsAudience Insights

Track how your target audience talks about your brand and products on social media utilising the latest social listening tools and methodologies.

we02-000-icon-marketing-dataArtificial Intelligence

Tap into the hidden power of your data through state of the art deep learning technology. Develop AI-driven customer experience and conversational commerce strategies based on natural language processing and content personalisation.

Dare to Know More

Cutting – Edge Capabilities

Behavioural research

  • Eye-tracking Studies
  • Website/app Traffic Analytics
  • Usability Testing
  • Diary Studies

Artificial Intelligence

  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Conversational Commerce
  • Ai-driven Customer Experience


  • Decision Making Science
  • Applied Behavioural Economics
  • Emotional Consumption
  • Psycho-linguistics

Industry Focus


We dive into the mind of luxury and supercar customers, helping car manufacturers to improve the usability and appeal of their cars and related services. To insure the right trajectory, contact us directly.

Food & Drink

We help businesses to understand their consumer’s expectations and to develop innovative products which match to the needs and desires. To get a taste of our capabilities, contact us directly.


We reveal the drivers underlying the latest trends and expectations within a booming market enabling producers as retailers to fully capitalise on them. For peace of mind, get in touch with us directly.


We assist gaming software and hardware companies in developing and improving their products with solid user research. To step up your game, contact us directly.


We partner with marketing agencies, allowing them to fuel their strategies with richer insights and with outstanding research capabilities. To get a full research institute at your disposal, contact us directly.


We work as a catalyst in tool development and improvment allowing a more customer centric approach to identify and alleviate UX issues and missing capabilities. To evaluate your tools untapped potential, contact us directly for a review.

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